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Swiss International Business Lawyer| 20 Years of Experience, 14 years in Asia | International Contracts| Corporate Law, Business Consulting | Merger & Acquisition | Foreign Direct Investment, Cross-Border Transactions

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Bankruptcy Restructuring, Telecommunication – Internet -VOP, Real Estate Investment Fund, Hospitality, Hotels, Casino, Manufacturing:Real Estate: Infrastructure- Government Contracts - Petroleum Industry,

Fields of practice:
International contracts & Merger and Acquisition, Offshore Incorporation and Bank opening services, Arbitration Mediation

Management teams your interventions may concern:
International Management Legal Management Litigation

Types of interventions:
Arbitration Mediation, Litigation Switzerland: Handled commercial, civil, criminal, and administrative cases; argued jury and non-jury trials. Won a $20 million estate dispute; managed full case process from onset to settlement Thailand: Negotiated many settlements between real estate developers and their clients. Negotiated a settlement between the investors of a failed real estate development project and elaborate a clean exist strategy that permitted all investors to exit the project without any financial losses. Negotiated many settlements between joint venture partners and the purchase of the company by one of the partner. Handled several commercial arbitration cases in Bangkok. Bankruptcy Restructuring Assisted a group of three Thai public companies in the food manufacturing sectors with their restructuring and exit of Bankruptcy. Negotiated the term sheet with the banks, negotiated and reviewed modified loan agreements, negotiated debt reduction agreements with other creditors. Telecommunication – Internet -VOP Cambodia: Assisted a foreign investor to negotiate a mobile phone operator joint venture with a local partner, applied and obtained 3G license, implemented the investment, assisted the client to negotiate the sale of his investment to a Middle East investor, set up holding company in HK Myanmar: Assisted Foreign Investors to set a Joint Venture for the creation of the first privately own internet providers, oversaw the application of the Business promotion, licensing, obtain authorization for the import of highly sensitive telecommunication equipment such as satellite dishes and so on. Implementation of the investment from Greenfield to fully operational took 9 months only. Following political trouble and quasi nationalization of the company negotiated a settlement on behalf of the clients with Myanmar Government. Vietnam: Assisted Clients for a bidding with Viettel for a concession/license for Rural Internet Service-VOP. Negotiated with potential investors to fund the project. Thailand: Assisted Alcatel and Orange with the acquisition of 1000 greenfields sites in Thai province for the implantation of the Orange Mobile Phone Network Negotiated several agreements between Mobile Phone Applications makers and Thai mobile phones companies Real Estate Investment Fund Assisted a foreign REIF to purchase several hotel properties in distress following the 1997 Asian crisis, assist with the selection of potential targets, and execute the legal due diligences, negotiated and drafted sale and purchase agreements up to the closing and transfer of properties to the REIF. Representative Offices Assisted foreign customers to establish representative offices in Thailand, Myanmar and China to support their activities in sectors such as Cosmetic distribution, Pre-Built Factory Buildings sales, sourcing and so on. Hospitality, Hotels, Casino Thailand: Assisted many customers to purchase or sale hotel properties Myanmar: Assisted a Japanese Investor to negotiate a long term lease agreement with the Myanmar Government for the construction of a five star resort. Cambodia: Assisted foreign investors to apply and obtain a casino license and to negotiate the lease agreement of the casino facility with a hotel group. Manufacturing: Thailand: Assisted many foreign investors to invest in the manufacture sector in Thailand from the incorporation of the company to the obtaining of investment privileges and of all authorizations, with the lease or purchase of the factory premises, contract with suppliers, terms and conditions of sales, contract for workers, internal worker regulations… in sectors such as aroma and flavor enhancer for animal foods, silver cutlery, furniture, jewelry, air conditioning, electric appliances. Myanmar: Assisted a Japanese investor to start a wine factory project in the Shan State in Myanmar. This project was unique in the sense that I did the business plan, set up all the corporate structures (Myanmar, HK and BVI) requested for the project, purchased the grapes plant shira in Israel, purchased all the wine making equipment, imported all plants and equipments in Myanmar hired all consultants and foreign experts for the project. Real Estate: Thailand: Assisted several Developers of real estate projects with all the legal aspects of a real estate development project including the creation of company, land purchase (due diligence, purchase), sales purchase agreements with buyer, license to divide the land, license to built, land transfers or long lease term to buyers, construction agreements ….. Assisted clients in the purchase of a failed condominium project in Pattaya. Done the legal and accounting due diligence of the project, negotiated with customers that have purchased in the failed projects and with suppliers. Given legal opinion on how best structure the purchase of the project. Negotiated with the sellers and drafted and sales and purchase agreements. Represented successfully many clients to negotiate settlement with real estate developers Assisted hundreds of private investors to purchase houses, condominiums in Thailand. Singapore: Assisted Myanmar Investors to purchase several condominiums in Singapore Hong Kong: Assisted Myanmar and Thai citizens to purchase condominium properties in Hong Kong Thailand: Assisted Clients to plan and implements investments in various sectors such as manufacturing, services, trading, telecommunication, hospitality and real estate. Accompanied many Clients from the preparation of the Business Plan, Feasibility Study, Risk Evaluation, Due Diligence to the Implementation of the Investment including applying for Business Promotion when available, Company Incorporation, Business Licensing and Compliance, Tax Planning, Organizing accounting system, Post Launch Follow up. Negotiated many Joint Ventures with local investors and several bidding for government projects (Dam Construction, Rails Link construction and so on…). Joint Venture / Infrastructure Assisted a foreign client to form a Joint Venture with a Thai company to successfully bid for the engineering work on two dam projects in Thailand. Set up the joint venture company, negotiated shareholder agreements between the partners. Negotiated and reviewed the terms and conditions of the contract with the Royal Irrigation Department. Assisted a foreign client to form a Joint Venture with a Thai company to successfully bid for railroad construction in Thailand (doubling of the tracks). Set up the joint venture agreement negotiated the terms and conditions of contract with Railway of Thailand. Negotiated the terms of a joint venture between a French and Japanese company for a joint bidding for the construction of Bangkok subway.

Training courses attended:
Lawyer Internship, I do not have a master degree but I have been lecturing on International Private Law and European Contracts at several Universities Master Degree programs

Bachelor degree in law from Geneva University, Lawyer License Geneva


Led training courses:
8 Thai Hong Kong Trade Association, “The Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing Real Estate in Leasehold in Thailand,” 2008. 2007 Smart Investors Expo, Hong Kong and Singapore, “How to Purchase Real Estate in Thailand,” 2007. 2002 - 2007 Lecturer at Golden Gate University, Master Degree Program at Mahidol & Rangsit Universities, “European Contract Law,” 2002-2007. 2002 Asia Business Forum Bangkok “Tax Audit Requirement for Foreign Companies in Thailand,” 2002. 1999 - 2002 Lecturer at Asian Institute of Technology University, School of Management Master Degree Program, “International Private Law and Legal Issues in International Business,” 1999-2002. 2001 Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), “Legal Frame of Investment in Thailand,” 2001. 2000 Cambodian National Petroleum Authority, “Contract Issues”, 2000.

Computer skills:
Word excell

Languages: Fr En Th

Some references:
By trade my clients expect confidentiality. I cannot provide references on this website but can provide them if requested to a company that wishes to hire our services

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Our Ref: Swiss International Business Lawyer| 20 Years of
Experience, 14 years in Asia | International Contracts| Corporate Law, Business
Consulting | Merger & Acquisition | Foreign Direct Investment, Cross-Border

From February 2002 up to
August 2011 I ran my own boutique consulting group including a law firm and an
accounting and consulting firm but had to sell it end of August to a group of
my employees because I had to come back in Switzerland for familial reasons.

Multidisciplinary skills

Managing a law firm in conjunction with an accounting
and consulting firm has given me a global vision of business, as I had to
advice my clients on their legal, accounting, tax and financial affairs. Over
the years I acquired a capacity to quickly assimilate, understand and analyzed
all aspects of a business transaction or of a client situation and I’m able to
quickly provide constructive, innovative and effective solutions to clients’
problems. I also have, organizational and leadership skills, experience in
dealing and providing high quality services to high net worth clients, a deep
understanding of other cultures (especially Asian), speak three languages, I’m
results oriented, and I appreciate teamwork.

A published author and
experienced speaker I have strong communication skills and have written and
published two books in English (2000 copies sold in bookshops in Thailand), I’m
working on my next book to be published in English and which title will be “How to safely invest overseas” that
will sum up my experience overseas. I also have two business blogs that are
read every month by more than 7,000 readers. The Agefi will publish this month
a series of 3 articles I drafted on the subject of investing in Asie.

Offshore Services, Wealth
Management Experience

I can also avail myself of 10
years of experience in offshore companies formation and offshore bank accounts
opening (mostly Hong Kong and Singapore) and I’m able to give advice on asset
protection, tax and estate planning. While wealth management was not the main
focus of my practice I also have experience in this sector having successfully
managed the real estate investments of several wealthy clients and assisting
them in setting up offshore companies or trusts
in several jurisdictions. In other words I have financial experience and
I’m aware of anti money laundering and KYC regulations.

Corporate Law, Business

I assisted clients to create
and operate companies in Switzerland but also abroad (Thailand, China, Hong
Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar), gaining an extensive experience in all matters of
corporate law whether in Switzerland or abroad. My experience allows me to take
care of all acts of everyday life of a society and especially to write memos,
prepare the general meetings, organize the delegation of authority to sign
contracts, or write procedures or internal regulations of the company.

An experienced business lawyer
I can advise and guide the departments of an enterprise in all their projects
and adjust legal and taxes risk-taking.
My experience as a litigator also allows me to anticipate the potential
litigation that may result from a business early at the stage of negotiation
and thereby enable me to better protect the company.

I also have knowledge in other
matters in relation to company management such as Tax Law – Social Law and also
in Contracts, Distribution, Competition, Intellectual Property Laws-

International Contracts, Joint
Ventures Experience

I have experience in
negotiating and drafting international contracts and I assisted clients to
implement investments in Thailand, South East Asia and China in various sectors
of activities such as for example, distribution of pharmaceutical or cosmetic
products in China and Thailand, a joint venture for the construction of railway
lines and subway in Thailand, engineering contracts for dam construction in
Thailand, a joint venture to create the first private operator of internet and
voice over internet protocol in Myanmar, a joint venture to create a 3G phone
operator in Cambodia and then reselling the company to an investor from the
Middle East, a joint venture for the resumption of the construction of a large
real estate project in Thailand ...).

As a negotiator, I am
pragmatic, tenacious and results oriented.

Foreign Direct Investment,
Cross Border Transaction Experience

For the past 13 years I worked
abroad assisting hundreds of foreign investors (multinationals, SME, Private
Investors, REIT) on foreign direct investment projects, cross-border
transactions, company incorporation, merger and acquisitions in Thailand,
China, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. The extensive experience I acquired in
Asia can be used in other countries or regions of the world because the
requirements of a successful investment abroad or the pitfalls to avoid are but
(for a few local specificities) generally always the same. My experience range
from measuring the feasibility of an investment abroad to advising clients on
the corporate structure the most adapted to their projects, tax planning and
accounting issues, applying for various licenses or authorizations to do
business or for business promotion, dealing with government agencies and local
contractors and suppliers…

I also handled several due
diligences (legal, tax and accountings) of companies that were being purchased
by our clients in various sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, hotels…

Mediation, Arbitration

Of course I also have
experience in litigation, mediation and international arbitration in Thailand
and Switzerland.

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